Kate has been working professionally in the computer graphics industry for over 23 years and is currently employed at 3DSite as Show Programmer. In the mid-eighties, she joined legendary Hollywood studio, Robert Abel & Associates as a Technical Director working on award-winning commercials, such as Hawaiian Punch's "Chain Reaction" and the Benson & Hedges "Gold" series.

One of the first employees at the fledgling Rhythm & Hues Studios in 1987, she spent the next 10 years at the studio, helping pioneer an industry - creating groundbreaking commercials, theme park attractions and film effects.

For her personal artistic vision, Kate embraces the immediacy of pen and paper.

She is currently writing and illustrating a graphic novel, "Kathartica Freeway".

Kate lives in Burbank with two water dragons, a black Pug and a cat named Brain.



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